Chapter 10. The End

The End

Well done! You have finished installing your LFS system. It may have been a long process but it was well worth it. We wish you a lot of fun with your new shiny custom built Linux system.

Now would be a good time to strip all debug and compiler symbols from the binaries on your LFS system. If you are not a programmer and don't plan on debugging your software, then you will be happy to know that you can reclaim a few tens of megs by removing debug symbols. This process causes no inconvenience other than not being able to debug the software fully anymore, which is not an issue if you don't know how to debug. You can remove the symbols by executing the following command:

find / -type f -exec strip --strip-unneeded '{}' ';'

If you plan to ever upgrade to a newer LFS version in the future it will be a good idea to create the /etc/lfs-3.0-pre3 file. By having this file it is very easy for you (and for us if you are going to ask for help with something at some point) to find out which LFS version you have installed on your system. This can just be a null-byte file by running:

touch /etc/lfs-3.0-pre3

If you are wondering: "Well, where to go now?" you'll be glad to hear that someone has written an LFS-Hint on that subject. On a same note, if you are not only newbie to LFS, but also newbie to Linux in general, you may find the newbie hint very interesting.

Don't forget there are several LFS mailinglists you can subscribe to if you are in need of help, advice, etc. See Chapter 1 - Mailinglists for more information.

Again, we thank you for using the LFS Book and hope you found this book useful and worth your time.