Rebooting the system

Now that all software has been installed, bootscripts have been created, it's time to reboot the computer. Before we reboot let's exit the chroot'ed environment first and unmount the LFS partition by running:

umount $LFS/proc &&
umount $LFS

And you can reboot your system by running something like:

/sbin/shutdown -r now

At the LILO: prompt make sure that you tell it to boot lfs and not the default entry which will boot your host system again.

During the first boot you will get a few errors from syslogd and klogd. These errors occur because we haven't setup networking yet. That will be taken care of in the next chapter. So don't worry about those errors for now.

As just stated, one thing remains to be done and that's setting up networking. After having rebooted and finished the next chapter of this book the LFS system is completely ready for use, and you can start adding your own software.