Installing Lilo

Installation of Lilo

We have chosen Lilo because we feel confortable with it, but you may wish to take a look elsewhere. Someone has written a hint on GRUB, an alternative boot loader.

Install Lilo by running the following commands:

make &&
make install

It appears that compilation of this package fails on certain machines when the -g compiler flag is being used. If a user can't compile Lilo at all, he should try to remove the -g value from the CFLAGS variable in the Makefile file.

At the end of the installation the make install process will print a message stating that /sbin/lilo has to be executed to complete the update. Don't do this as it has no use. The /etc/lilo.conf isn't present yet. We will complete the installation of lilo in chapter 8.

Maybe you'll be interested to know that someone wrote a hint on how to get a logo instead the the standard LILO prompt or menu. Take a look at it here.


The Lilo package contains the lilo program.


lilo installs the Linux boot loader which is used to start a Linux system.