Download the LFS Commands

LFS Commands is a tarball containing files which list the installation commands for the packages installed in this book.

These files can also be used to quickly find out which commands have been changed between the different LFS versions as well. Download the lfs-commands tarball for this book version and the previous book version and run a diff on the files. That way it is possible to see which packages have updated installation instructions, so any scripts you may have can be modified, or you can reinstall a package if you think that necessary.

A side effect is that these files can be used to dump to a shell and install the packages, though some files need to be modified (for example, when the kbd package is installed, you needed to select the keyboard layout file, becaue it can't reliably be guessed). Keep in mind, please, that these files are not checked for correctness, integrity and so forth. There may be bugs in the files (since they are manually created, typo's are often inevitable) so do check them and don't blindly trust them.

If you decide to use these files for scripting purposes, then don't place the files inside the directory of a package. For example, don't put the autoconf file from the lfs-commands package into the autoconf directory. The files may interfere with the actual package files, which may contain a file with the same name. Autoconf is one example of this: if an autoconf file is present in the autoconf directory, the configure script won't create a new autoconf file. You will end up with /usr/bin/autoconf containing autoconf's installation instructions, rather than the real autoconf perl script. There may be other packages that behave in similar ways, so just keep the lfs-commands files outside the package directory.

The lfscommands can be downloaded from or