Creating a new partition

Before we can build our new Linux system, we need to have an empty Linux partition on which we can build our new system. I recommend a partition size of at least 750 MB. This gives you enough space to store all the tarballs and to compile all packages without worrying running out of the necessary temporary disk space. If you already have a Linux Native partition available, you can skip this subsection.

Start the pdisk program (or some other fdisk program you prefer) with the appropriate hard disk as the option (like /dev/shda if you want to create a new partition on the first SCSI disk). The partition that is available for partitioning is called Apple_Free_Space. To create a linux capable partition in that free space, type c followed by the partition designation of the free space p<n>, the size in MB of the desired partition <size>M and the name of the partition <name>. The example below creates a 1.8 GB partition name root starting at the beginning of the free space designated as partition 6: c p6 1800M root