Installing a kernel

A kernel is the heart of a Linux system. We could use the kernel image from our normal system, but we might as well compile a new kernel from the most recent kernel sources available.

Building the kernel involves a few steps: configuring it and compiling it. There are a few ways to configure the kernel. If you don't like the way this book does it, read the README file and find out what your other options are. Run the following commands to build the kernel:

If you need to apply the Kernel USB patch, do that by running the following commands:

root:~# cd /usr/src/linux
root:linux# patch -p1 -i ../usb-2.3.50-1-for-2.2.14.diff.gz

The build the actual kernel, run the following commands:

root:linux# make mrproper
root:linux# make pmac_config
root:linux# make menuconfig
root:linux# make dep
root:linux# make vmlinux
root:linux# cp /boot
root:linux# cp vmlinux /boot/lfskernel