Installing network software

Installing Netkit-base

Install Netkit-base by running the following commands:

root:netkit-base-0.17# ./configure --prefix=/usr
root:netkit-base-0.17# make
root:netkit-base-0.17# make install
root:netkit-base-0.17# cd etc.sample
root:etc.sample# cp services protocols /etc

There are other files in the etc.sample directory which might be of interest to you.

Installing Net-tools

Edit the Makefile file and edit the CFLAGS variable if you want to add compiler optimzations.

Install Net-tools by running the following commands:

root:net-tools-1.57# make
root:net-tools-1.57# make install

You might have noticed that we don't use the compiler optimizations for this package. The reason is that overriding the CFLAGS variable causes compilation problems. You would have to edit the Makefile file and add the proper values to the CFLAGS variable and then compile the package. If you want to do that it's up to you. I don't think it's worth the trouble though. The programs in this package aren't that big that optimization would have any noticable effect on the performance.