6.19. Pkg-config-0.29.1

The pkg-config package contains a tool for passing the include path and/or library paths to build tools during the configure and make file execution.

Approximate build time: 0.4 SBU
Required disk space: 28 MB

6.19.1. Installation of Pkg-config

Prepare Pkg-config for compilation:

./configure --prefix=/usr              \
            --with-internal-glib       \
            --disable-compile-warnings \
            --disable-host-tool        \

The meaning of the new configure options:


This will allow pkg-config to use its internal version of Glib because an external version is not available in LFS.


This option prevents the build system from using compiler flags which cause build failure when building with GCC 6.


This option disables the creation of an undesired hard link to the pkg-config program.

Compile the package:


To test the results, issue:

make check

Install the package:

make install

6.19.2. Contents of Pkg-config

Installed program: pkg-config
Installed directory: /usr/share/doc/pkg-config-0.29.1

Short Descriptions


returns meta information for the specified library or package