Introduction to Gutenprint

The Gutenprint (formerly Gimp-Print) package contains high quality drivers for many brands and models of printers for use with ESP Ghostscript-8.15.4, CUPS-1.2.12, Foomatic, LPRng-3.8.28, lpr and the GIMP-2.0. See a list of supported printers at

Package Information

Gutenprint Dependencies


CUPS-1.2.12, Foomatic, IJS, GIMP-2.2.17, GTK+-1.2.10, and GTK+-2.10.13

Optional (to Regenerate Documentation)

ImageMagick-6.3.5-10, teTeX-3.0, Doxygen-1.5.2, and DocBook-utils-0.6.14

User Notes:

Installation of Gutenprint

Install Gutenprint by running the following commands:

sed -i 's|$(PACKAGE)/doc|doc/$(PACKAGE)-$(VERSION)|' \
       doc{,/developer}/ &&
./configure --prefix=/usr &&

To test the results, issue make check. This could take a very long time (100+ SBUs).

Now, as the root user:

make install &&
install -v -m755 -d /usr/share/doc/gutenprint-5.0.1/api/gutenprint{,ui2} &&
install -v -m644    doc/gutenprint/html/* \
                    /usr/share/doc/gutenprint-5.0.1/api/gutenprint &&
install -v -m644    doc/gutenprintui2/html/* \

Command Explanations

sed -i '...' doc{,/developer}/ This command is used so that the package documentation is installed in the conventional /usr/share/doc directory structure instead of /usr/share/gutenprint/doc.

--with-translated-ppds=no: When this parameter is given, only US English PPD files for CUPS will be built. Useful if the PPD files are not yet translated into your native language and you want to save some space by not installing unneeded translations.

Configuring Gutenprint

Configuration Information

For CUPS to see newly installed PPD files, it has to be restarted (as the root user):

/etc/rc.d/init.d/cups restart

This command may take a long time (up to 10 minutes) to complete. Don't panic while CUPS is rescanning the list of PPD files. The long delay will happen only once.

Then point your web browser to http://localhost:631/ to add a new printer to CUPS.


Installed Programs: cups-calibrate, cups-genppd.5.0, cups-genppdconfig.5.0, cups-genppdupdate.5.0, escputil, ijsgutenprint.5.0, and testpattern
Installed Libraries: libgutenprint.{so,a}, libgutenprintui2.{so,a}, libgutenprintui2.{so,a} and optionally, various CUPS filters and backend drivers
Installed Directories: /usr/include/gutenprint, /usr/lib/gimp/1.2, /usr/lib/gutenprint, /usr/share/doc/gutenprint-5.0.1 and /usr/share/gutenprint

Short Descriptions


calibrates the color output of printers using the Gutenprint, CUPS or ESP Print Pro drivers.


is a command line utility to perform various maintenance tasks on Epson Stylus inkjet printers.


is a Ghostscript driver for Gutenprint.

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