Introduction to Kdebase

kdebase is the last mandatory package required for the K Desktop Environment. It provides various applications, infrastructure files and libraries.

Package Information

Kdebase Dependencies





libusb-0.1.12, Linux-PAM-, OpenLDAP-2.3.39, Cyrus SASL-2.1.22, Samba-3.0.30, HAL- and D-Bus Qt3 Bindings-0.62, Heimdal-1.1 or MIT Kerberos V5-1.6, krb4, OpenEXR, libraw1394, lm_sensors (requires Sysfs Utilities), mDNSResponder, sudo-1.6.9p15, Graphviz-2.12, and Doxygen-1.5.2

User Notes: http://wiki.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/wiki/kdebase

Run-Time Dependencies

Note that there are two additional packages you can install that are used at run-time for konqueror ioslave protocols. You can install the Mtools package to enable the “floppy” ioslave protocol. This will allow easy access to the floppy disk drives on your system. The hfsplus package can be installed to access HFS+ partitions on a Mac OS system using the “mac” ioslave.

One additional package that can be used at run time is PCI Utilities-2.2.3. This enables the KDE Info Center to use lspci for its "pci" info section.

Another package usable at run time is htdig. The enables khelpcenter to create a search index for the KDE application manuals.

Installation of Kdebase



You should ensure a nogroup group exists on your system before performing the configure command, as kdebase installs a program ($KDE_PREFIX/bin/kdesud) with group ownership of nogroup.

This package does not come with a test suite.

Install kdebase with:

./configure --prefix=$KDE_PREFIX --sysconfdir=/etc/kde \
    --disable-debug --disable-dependency-tracking &&


If you wish to create the API documentation and you have Doxygen and Graphviz installed, make apidox must be done before make install.

Now, as the root user:

make install

Command Explanations

LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$KDE_PREFIX/lib" make: A bug in the kdebase build system prevents kdelibs from being found by the Makefiles when kdelibs is installed in /opt. Setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH works around the problem.

Configuring Kdebase

Configuration Information

There is no real configuration necessary for this package other than to ensure you follow the steps outlined in the last section of this chapter, the section called “Configuring the Core KDE Packages”.


Installed Programs: appletproxy, drkonqi, extensionproxy, genkdmconf, kaccess, kappfinder, kapplymousetheme, kasbar, kate, kblankscrn.kss, kbookmarkmerger, kcheckpass, kcheckrunning, kcminit, kcminit_startup, kcontrol, kcontroledit, kdcop, kdebugdialog, kdeeject, kdeinstallktheme, kdepasswd, kdeprintfax, kdesktop, kdesktop_lock, kdesu, kdesud, kdialog, kdm, kdm_config, kdm_greet, kdmctl, keditbookmarks, keditfiletype, kfind, kfmclient, kfontinst, kfontview, khc_docbookdig.pl, khc_htdig.pl, khc_htsearch.pl, khc_indexbuilder, khc_mansearch.pl, khelpcenter, khotkeys, kicker, kinfocenter (link to kcontrol), kio_media_mounthelper, kio_system_documenthelper, kjobviewer, klipper, klocaldomainurifilterhelper, kmenuedit, knetattach, kompmgr, konqueror, konsole, kpager, kpersonalizer, kpm, kprinter, krandom.kss, krandrtray, krdb, kreadconfig, krootimage, ksmserver, ksplash, ksplashsimple, kstart, ksysguard, ksysguardd, ksystraycmd, ktip, ktrash, kwebdesktop, kwin, kwin_killer_helper, kwin_rules_dialog, kwrite, kwriteconfig, kxkb, nspluginscan, nspluginviewer, and startkde
Installed Libraries: Numerous KDE support libraries, helper modules, and kioslaves
Installed Directories: /etc/xdg/menus/applications-merged and the following subdirectories of $KDE_PREFIX/: include/{kate, ksgrd, ksplash, kwin}, lib/kconf_update_bin, share/{applnk, apps/{too many to list}, config, config.kcfg, desktop-directories, doc/kdm, fonts, /mimelnk/{fonts, media, print}, services/{searchproviders, useragentstrings}, sounds, templates, wallpapers, and /var/lib/kdm

Short Descriptions


is a programmer's text editor for KDE.


is the KDE Control Center.


is a dialog box for managing diagnostic messages at runtime.


is a graphical front end for the Unix su command.


is the KDE display manager (a replacement for xdm).


is a utility to find files.


is the KDE help tool.


is the KDE control panel.


provides a centralized and convenient overview of your KDE and system settings.


are support modules designed to be intimately familiar with a certain protocol, so that a standard interface (most often these are used by konqueror) can be used to get at data from any number of places. Examples are the http and ftp kioslaves, which will retrieve data from an http or ftp server respectively.


is a clipboard utility.


is a utility to rearrange or add items to the K-menu.


is a filesystem and web browser.


is a highly configurable X terminal emulator.


provides a thumbnail view of all virtual desktops.


is the printing module in KDE. It manages the actual printing from KDE applications. It handles print job administration and handles printer and print system management.


is a splash screen that shows the progress of an application that is loading.


is a network enabled task manager and system monitor application, with the additional functionality of top.


is a text editor for KDE.


is a keyboard layout switching utility based on the X11 xkb extension.

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