GNOME Core Packages

This section contains required elements of the GNOME environment to display a functional desktop.



The BLFS team recommends that you carefully evaluate the optional dependencies listed for each of the core GNOME packages. You may lose desired functionality if you don't install an optional dependency before the package that lists the dependency, even if you later install it.

Pre-installation Configuration

Set an environment variable to resolve the prefix destination.

If GNOME is your desktop of choice:

export GNOME_PREFIX=/usr

If you want to try-out GNOME, or install it in an easy to remove location:

export GNOME_PREFIX=/opt/gnome-2.10

Remember to execute ldconfig as the root user after installation of libraries to update the library cache.

The try-out group will also need to make all the following configuration changes:

Add to your system or personal profile:

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/gnome-2.10/bin
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$PKG_CONFIG_PATH:/opt/gnome-2.10/lib/pkgconfig
export GNOME_LIBCONFIG_PATH=/usr/lib:/opt/gnome-2.10/lib

Add to your /etc/

cat >> /etc/ << "EOF"
# Begin gnome addition to /etc/


# End gnome addition

Add to your /etc/man.conf:

cat >> /etc/man.conf << "EOF"
# Begin gnome addition to man.conf

MANPATH /opt/gnome-2.10/man

# End gnome addition to man.conf

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