Introduction to Lynx

Lynx is a text based web browser.

Package Information

Lynx Dependencies


OpenSSL-0.9.7g or GnuTLS (which needs libgpg-error then libgcrypt), MTA, Zip-2.31, UnZip-5.52, slang-1.4.9, ncompress and sharutils

Installation of Lynx

Install Lynx by running the following commands:

./configure --prefix=/usr --libdir=/etc \
    --with-zlib --with-bzlib &&

Now, as the root user:

make install &&
make docdir=/usr/share/doc/lynx-2.8.5/lynx_doc \
    helpdir=/usr/share/doc/lynx-2.8.5/lynx_help install-doc &&
make docdir=/usr/share/doc/lynx-2.8.5/lynx_doc \
    helpdir=/usr/share/doc/lynx-2.8.5/lynx_help install-help &&
chgrp -v -R root /usr/share/doc/lynx-2.8.5/lynx_doc

Command Explanations

--libdir=/etc: For some reason, the configure and make routine for Lynx uses libdir as the prefix for the configuration file. This is set to /etc so that the system wide configuration file is /etc/lynx.cfg.

--with-zlib: This enables support for linking libz into Lynx.

--with-bzlib: This enables support for linking libbz2 into Lynx.

docdir=... helpdir=...: These variables are set to avoid getting the help and documentation files installed under /etc.

--with-ssl: This enables support for linking SSL into Lynx.

--with-gnutls: This enables support for linking GnuTLS into Lynx.

chgrp -v -R root /usr/share/doc/lynx-2.8.5/lynx_doc: This command corrects the improper group ownership of installed documentation files caused if Lynx is built by any user other than root.

Configuring Lynx

Config Files


Configuration Information

Various settings such as proxies can be set in the system-wide lynx.cfg file found in /etc.


Installed Program: lynx
Installed Libraries: None
Installed Directory: /usr/share/doc/lynx

Short Descriptions


is a general purpose, text-based, distributed information browser for the World Wide Web.

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