Big problem

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL jmengual at
Thu Nov 26 13:53:00 PST 2009

A French friend, known as boloco on the IRC, very implied in LFS project
(French and English (cf. last ticket he suggested) has a problem. I
forward his mail because he doesn't have any access to the website and

"Interested by the project, for a few years, I participate on irc and
try to help here and there.
Yesterday a ticket was opened by me (the first one). That ticket was
following a mail from Bruce to lfs-dev, asking people to open a ticket
when a new dependency in an lfs package was found. The ticket is here:
Dunno if that ticket is the cause, but I just can't connect to lfs
website, nor irc.linuxfromscratch any more.
My internet is ok and, on the other hand, I can easily ping the server.
I am known as "boloco" on irc.

Best regards,"

I hope you'll be able to solve or explain the problem. If this refusing
is desired, I'm very surprised because it's one of the most implied user
I know and he can contribute efficiently.
It seems a firewall drop... IP:

Thanks very much for your answer/explanation

Best regards,

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

       Jean-Philippe MENGUAL
       Vice-Président de l'association 
       Coordinateur du projet Linux From Scratch

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