Counter/'Get Recorded' - seems to not implement 6.5 fully.

lfs65 at lfs65 at
Sun Dec 6 04:33:32 PST 2009


Looks like the website counter allows the user to set '6.5' on the 
initial registration form: but then registers the user as '6.4'. 
Similarly, the 'search' facility allows choosing '6.5', but only shows 
'6.4' in the search results. 

So, further to the Sept 2009 mails on this list (thread starting at, 
looks like this is still an issue.

Fuller details are as follows.

When registering at the website counter 
( I set the 
initial form's fields to:
Name: akhiezer
First LFS Version: 6.5
If SVN, enter the SVN date ( yyyymmdd ):
; i.e. the 'SVN' field was left empty.

On then clicking the 'Register me' button, the page refreshed to show:
You have successfully registered!
ID: 21492
Name: akhiezer
First LFS Version: 6.4

I was sure that I'd set '6.5' on the initial form: so hit the back 
button in the browser, and it showed the initial form with the fields 
filled in as above; which, I know, is not necessarily foolproof 
evidence that this shows the form's state immediately prior to 

Browser/platform was Firefox 3.5.2 on Slackware 13.0: both are in 
'out-of-the-box' state, with no post-install configuration changes 
made, or plugins installed/setup/etc.

Also, the 'Search' facility on the inital counter page, lets one set 
the 'First LFS Version:' field to '6.5': but only shows '6.4' in the 



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