torrent download

jonathan jonathan.schluessler at
Sun Mar 25 13:57:47 PDT 2007


I've noticed that all the listed torrents on the LFS download page are 
dead. The ftp server I tried was way to slow and it took me some hours 
to download the lfs-packages-6.2.tar file. So I got the idea to create a 
new .torrent for having a faster way of downloading the 
lfs-packages-6.2.tar file and for all the torrent nerds.

I've created this torrent on the probably biggest torrent page for linux 
torrents ( You can find this torrent here:

If you agree to this torrent and so it would be nice to add a link to 
the new version on your download page. And it would be nice to have some 
additional seeders there. I'll seed it if my computer is online but 
thats not 24/7 and my upload speed is limited to 72 KB/s.

Another thing is the speed of the listed FTP/HTTP servers. I've chosen 
the fastest server  (Brisbane, 
Australia, 1Gbps) and as mentioned before it took me some time. I've 
heard that the server is much faster though its only 
listed with 100Mbps. So maybe it would be useful to add a notice that 
the server is very slow and that people rather should 
use the or any other server (I havent tried every server).



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