adsense page - border around image

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Thu Apr 26 20:45:37 PDT 2007

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Having it at the right keeps it immediately visible (unlike at the
> bottom) without destroying the layout and visual feel.

I like the look of it that way as well. I haven't looked at the HTML 
source...which type of ad size are you using on your site, Jeremy?

Google has a bunch of templates for various locations. Not sure if we'd 
be required to use one of their sizes or else things may not work well 
in all cases.

There also exist smaller horizontal versions if we want to try the 
horizontal one on top again. I think the other one's about half the size 
of the one that was originally put up. Just a thought for later.

Gerard Beekmans

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