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Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Thu Apr 26 16:58:15 PDT 2007 wrote:
> El Jueves, 26 de Abril de 2007 23:12, Gerard Beekmans escribió:
>> Manuel,
>> on the lfs/adsense.html page there's a border at the bottom of the logo in
>> the top-left section. I'm guessing it's caused by the hyperlink around the
>> img tag and it needs a border=0 or CSS equivalent thereof.
> Fixed.
> Now the header should look pretty similar on all browser, newers or olders, 
> and without any elemment overlapping or hidding another one when resizing the 
> windows.
> To let the logo and search box overlap the Adds if there is no room for all 
> them would be nice, but dificult to make it portable to more than 2-3 newers 
> browsers.

I just looked at it and have a couple of issues.

1.  The Google search seems to be slightly tight vertically between the
radio buttons and the google search button.

2.  The first add is hidden (mostly) by the logo.

Why don't we try a vertical add on the right side opposite the leftnav
links?  If a new page, adsense2.html is made, we could compare.

  -- Bruce

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