CSS formatting questions

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Thu Apr 26 06:59:20 PDT 2007

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> Thanks Jaqui. I've taken a look at the site real quick and I'll check it 
> out later as well. Though, to be honest, once a framework is up I rather 
> somebody else "pretty it up." My CSS knowledge isn't all that extensive 
> and I rather somebody else do it who already knows more about it.
> I'm not a web site editor/designer and I don't have aspirations becoming 
> one any time soon :)
> Gerard

I don't really blame you on that :) I just figured the number of options 
that do validate on there make a great resource for basing any website 
changes on.

My suggested layouts show my preference for keeping the navigation 
always visible, so visitors have all navigation elements available at 
any time.

Changing the CSS to fit the look of the LFS sites isn't hard, that will 
be mainly colours. The hard part would be changing the current site 
scripts to display the new layout, depending on how it was scripted.

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