CSS formatting questions

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Wed Apr 25 22:30:05 PDT 2007


CSS PLaY website has a number of interesting layouts
here are three that might suit the needs of the LFS website:

not a frameset, a frame defined by the xhtml and css only

a variation of the frame layout above


Stu Nicholls, the owner of CSS PLaY, allows most of the examples on the 
site to be used without permission, some he requests that he is asked 
first. He doesn't even request credit for most of them.

some of the options on the site include drop down and flyout menus done 
with the CSS.

This one:
has an addsence add on the left side of the page, as well as a floating, 
transparent menu beside it, all done with CSS and XHTML.

All of Stu's work validates with the W3C validators.

I use his 3 column layout on my own site, which has a fixed header and 
footer with content area scrolling of needed. the navigation is on the 
bottom of the header div in an unordered list


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