Who's doing the website editing lately?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 20:10:00 PDT 2007

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> Heya,
> See subject.
> I've got a company http://www.webhostingsearch.com/linux-web-hosting.php 
> who is interested in doing some advertising with us. In exchange for a 
> mention on credits.html (Donators section) and on contribute.html 
> (become a mirror) we'll get reimbursed financially which effectively 
> will pay for the monthly colocation for several months.
> I'm hammering out the final details now of how to present the ad (text 
> only or a graphic banner or whatever) so it won't be too obtrusive and 
> annoying as most ads tend to be.
> So a few website changes will need to be made to make this happen. Who's 
> taking care of the site lately (if anybody in particular) to coordinate 
> with?

I asked some time ago about doing this with google, but got no response.

Look for Google AdSense.  At least compare the deals.

I'm pretty sure the group svnwww is the permissions for writing to the site:


It could probably be pared down a bit.

Randy and I have made changes for BLFS.  Probably Matt does LFS.  Jeremy
has done soem editing too.  It all depends on what needs to be changed.
 If you check out the website files and do a `svn blame` you can see who
made what changes.

  -- Bruce

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