Like to become a HTTP Mirror

Justin R. Knierim justin at
Fri Apr 20 11:17:07 PDT 2007

Benjamin Heil wrote:
> I want to help LFS, so I thought about becoming a HTTP Mirror. My server
> is located in Nuernberg, Germany with 100 MBit. Hostname is,
> IP
> Please use this mail adress or kontakt at to contact me. Thanks!
Hey Benjamin,

That is great, thanks!  Is the mirror already setup or do you need some
more info?  Basically we have an rsync script:

That you can setup, and change the values for your setup, here is mine
on the server:

justin at quandary:~/sys/scripts$ cat
USER=admin at

[ -d "$LOCAL" ] || mkdir -p $LOCAL

OUTPUT=`rsync -clprtzv --delete ${SITE}::${MODULE} ${LOCAL} 2>&1`

if [ $? -ne 0 -o `echo -e "${OUTPUT}" | wc -l` -ne 4 ] ; then
    (echo -e "Subject: - LFS HTTP Updated - RC $?\n";
echo -e "${OUTPUT}") | ${MAILER} ${USER};

Once that is setup and you have the data there, let me know and I'll
push your mirror live on the site. 
Also, normally we add mirrors to in the mirror maintainers
section, please let me know what name and if an email address should be
listed there.  We encrypt the emails, and I've never gotten spam from
it, it is mostly for our use should we need to contact you.

Depending on the bandwidth you have available, we have mirroring for
other items as well, but it is optional:

LFS FTP Packages:

BLFS FTP Packages:

LiveCD FTP Packages:

Also we have the Cross-Compiled Linux From Scratch book, which also has
mirroring options available:


CLFS FTP Mirror:

Any questions or when you are ready, let me know!

Justin Knierim

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