Problems in "Get Counted" page

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Mon Oct 9 12:26:58 PDT 2006


> cgi-bin/lfscounter.cgi "sources" cgi-bin/template/lfscounter.tmpl.

I'll need to look at that. When I wrote lfscounter.cgi I did not use an 
lfscounter.tmpl file. This is something that was changed over the years 
then. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Or just re-write the perl 
program to be a much better coded version, if it's still a messy hackjob 
it was back in the day.

> Now, what would be nice is if all these scripts lived in the www2
> repository instead of just on disk with a horde of backups. There's
> already a scripts and templates sub-repo where these could go.
> Two problems here. First, you'd probably need to change the httpd
> configuration so that the scripts directory would be the cgi-bin for
> Or, you could put cgi-bin under version control, too. I'm
> no apache expert.
> Second, although these scripts and templates sub-repos exist, nothing
> actually happens with them using the update-website* scripts that get
> run from lizardo's home directory. The update hook is a little goofy,
> but it could probably be altered to make this work with little pain.

Al that is going to change with the server mode. Since I got your 
attention now, are you able to explain in more detail exactly what the 
websites use these days technology wise, so I can be sure that 
everything is ported? I didn't get a reply to my last email on this 
subject so I'm still mostly in the dark how everything works.

I do know about the scripts that run from Lizardo's home directory, and 
that's going to change when I move things over. The update system 
shouldn't be owned by a real user, it'll become part of the www 
subsystem in some fashion. That allows everybody to easily make changes 
to things.

I'll leave the lfscounter for what it is. Things need to be changed 
anyways after the server migration. I rather get the framework figured 
out and the infrastructure around it. Then fix the bugs with properly 
setup files.

Once I figure all that out...any help is appreciated.

Gerard Beekmans

/* If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem */

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