RFC: Implementing Trac [long]

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Jan 8 15:55:57 PST 2006

Greetings All:

Recent discussions on the blfs-dev list have shown that there is a
desire/need for a wiki once again. It would make adding and documenting
new information in BLFS about i18n and multilib a lot easier, especially
considering that the current editorial staff in BLFS are not (yet!)
experts in those fields.

There are many pieces of software available that would provide a
functional and useful wiki, but one in particular has caught our
attention because of its ability to also effectively manage project
development. The software is called Trac. Here is a link to its site in
case you are interested in more detail:


Trac has the potential to wrap up all of our basic online web services
into one manageable package (excluding our mailman archives). It would
allow us to completely drop Bugzilla and ViewCVS, and possibly, static
versions of the website.

I have set up a sample implementation of Trac on the BLFS server,
Anduin. Currently, it is only set up for the LFS and BLFS projects,
containing partial data of their repositories and bugzilla databases.
Also, each only have a couple of pages copied over from the website.
Some design elements (should it be chosen to use trac for the site as
well) would yet be changing and tweaked to reflect some of the decisions
already made with the current site.

Here is a link to the sample site:


At this point we have basically three directions we could take, and I
would like to get your feedback, please.

1) Use Trac for our entire online presence, including our website. It
would look similar to what is on the above link with the addition of
other projects and more adjustments of design elements to suit our
needs. This would mean that Bugzilla and ViewCVS are replaced entirely.
Also edits to the site's general pages would be done via the Wiki
element of the software. Only users with a legitimate username and
password are allowed to make changes, and registration is not open to
the public.

2) Keep our existing website, but use Trac for a development wiki and to
replace Bugzilla and ViewCVS. The wiki pages would only include
development works in progress, not the main website pages, similar to
how our previous wiki was set up.

3) Keep everything as is, including ViewCVS and Bugzilla, and look for
an alternative wiki solution.

Note that if the community prefers items 2 or 3, I would still like to
use the new logo on our exisiting sites, so comments on that are welcome
as well.

I'm sure I haven't answered all possible questions or have even given
all possible details, but please, review the sample site. If you have a
question, please ask. I would really like to get everyone's opinion.



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