LFS FAQ Updates

Chris Staub chris at beaker67.com
Sat Feb 25 09:30:27 PST 2006

Justin R. Knierim wrote:
> Chris Staub wrote:
> Late I know, but thank you for your efforts Chris.  I had this in my 
> inbox the last month and just now applied the patch since no one else 
> beat me to it.  :)
>> "Perl fails with *** missing separator. Stop."
>> This refers to MAKEDEV, which should of course be replaced with "udev".
>> Then again, this question could probably just be removed - I just tried
>> building perl after removing /dev/null, and the configure quit with
>> "/dev/null: Permission denied", not the error message mentioned in that
>> FAQ entry.
> Yeah, can be removed IMO.  The error message that you described is 
> plenty obvious and the user should be able to figure it out.


>> Glibc: "ld.map: No such file or directory".
>> This refers to the creation of /dev/null in glibc instructions, which is
>> no longer accurate. It also mentions a "mount --bind /dev $LFS/dev"
>> command which isn't used either. Also, I just tried running configure on
>> glibc after removing /dev/null - again, it just says "/dev/null:
>> Permission denied".
> Yeah, also remove if it isn't valid anymore.  I know we don't do mount 
> --bind's anymore so it is definately old.

Also done.

Found a couple of new ones...

"Glibc fails and mentions BEGIN and END."

The solution to this is to make sure gawk is statically linked, but 
obviously this wuoldn't apply anymore. Is this not even a valid issue 
now that nothing in the LFS build in linked statically?

"Glibc compilation errors out due to a missing nss.h header file

     This usually indicates that you are compiling LFS onto a Reiser4 
partition. Unfortunately, there is currently no known solution, other 
than to use a different type of filesystem."

Would be great if someone using Reiser4 could verify whether this is 
still true.

> Thanks again Chris.  Do you want to upgrade these?  Otherwise I can try 
> to get to them when I have time.
> Justin

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