Is there a page for the open bug list in the development of lfs and blfs?

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Thu Feb 23 11:15:39 PST 2006

nadav vinik wrote:

> But I didn't find any page in the website which include open and 
> critical bugs of the development lfs and blfs.

All of our bugs are available on the 'Trac' system.  For the particular 
information you want, see 
and for LFS and BLFS 

> When the development will become stable?

We try to keep LFS development at least buildable at all times. 
Obviously we can't guarantee its fitness for any particular purpose, but 
I know there's a number of folks that regularly use development versions 
of LFS as their production machines.

> Can I upgrade my stable lfs to the development?

Yes, but don't be surprised if you encounter strange behaviour.  Oh and 
if you do encounter it, we'd love you to report it back to us so we can 
fix it :-)



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