Comments on Trac ticket mails

Nico R. n-roeser at
Wed Feb 22 05:36:31 PST 2006

I noticed two things in the many mails I'm receiving from the Trac
ticket system:

1. The subject lines always start with the full project name in square
brackets and the ticket number.
Example subject: "[Linux From Scratch] #1715: bash-3.1.010".

This is unfortunate, because when the subject can't be displayed
completely by the mail reader, most messages look pretty much the same
to me, example when there are replies to them:
"Re: [Linux From Scratch] #1715: bas..."

I suggest changing the subject prefixes to LFS, BLFS, ALFS etc. to
improve this.

2. The main part of a Trac mail is always encoded in UTF-8, and sent
with "Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64". This is ... well, this may
*usually* be quite reasonable.
It is possible and not harmful to encode mails in UTF-8 even if they
only use US-ASCII (since UTF-8 is a superset of US-ASCII). However, if
such mails are sent base64-encoded, you don't want to do a "view
/var/mail/nico" to have a quick look at them when bash tells you that
you have new mails. ;-)

And it increases message size. I haven't checked the relevant standards
right now, but AFAIK it should be possible to send UTF-8-encoded texts
with content-transfer-encoding quoted-printable. This would make more
sense here, since most (if not all) of the text is US-ASCII anyway. (And
if the standards didn't allow it, you could simply send US-ASCII instead
of UTF-8 where possible.)

You all may think that these two points are very minor (and you are
probably right), but right now, I find them to be highly annoying. :-|

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