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Justin R. Knierim justin at knierim.org
Sat Dec 23 23:54:14 PST 2006

Robert McLeay wrote:
> In the past, PlanetMirror.com has provided both Web and FTP mirrors for
> LinuxFromScratch. Unfortunately, it appears that it is now quite
> outdated, and our rsync script does not successfully run anymore.
> We'd like to request becoming an active mirror once more.
> PlanetMirror is located in Brisbane (Qld, Australia) and would be
> updated from tiktok.planetmirror.com (

Hi Robert,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  You are correct that rsync 
isn't working, I'm trying to get the LFS server admins to fix it but 
don't know when it will be fixed, sorry.  I will keep your email in my 
inbox and reply when it is working.

FTP rsync should still be working as it is on a non-lfs server.  I 
checked and your mirror looks up-to-date:


I'll add you to the ftp list shortly.

If you would also like to help with ftp of some of the other LFS 
projects, you can also mirror CLFS and LFS-LiveCD ftp repos as well. 
You can copy the same rsync script, replacing "lfs" with "clfs" and 
"lfs-livecd" and having it rsync to same-named directories in /pub.

The CLFS project has a separate HTTP repo with the books, patches, etc, 
if you would like to mirror this, that would also be helpful.  The info 
and script is available here:


Any questions or other mirrors ready, feel free to email me at 
justin at knierim.org.

Thanks again,

Justin R. Knierim

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