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justin at linuxfromscratch.org justin at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Aug 4 21:32:07 PDT 2006

Author: justin
Date: 2006-08-04 22:32:06 -0600 (Fri, 04 Aug 2006)
New Revision: 785

Fixed livecd downloads page to correct versions, added 6.2-1 release announcement.

Modified: html/trunk/livecd/download.html
--- html/trunk/livecd/download.html	2006-08-03 15:23:48 UTC (rev 784)
+++ html/trunk/livecd/download.html	2006-08-05 04:32:06 UTC (rev 785)
@@ -3,10 +3,10 @@
 <!--#include virtual="menu.html" -->
     <div class="main">
      <h1>Download the Official LFS LiveCD</h1>
-	<p>Stable x86 iso: <em>lfslivecd-x86-6.1.1-4.iso</em></p>
-	<p>Latest x86 iso (Pre-release): <em>lfslivecd-x86-6.2-pre5.iso</em></p>
+	<p>Stable x86 iso: <em>lfslivecd-x86-6.2-1.iso</em></p>
+	<!-- <p>Latest x86 iso (Pre-release): <em>lfslivecd-x86-6.2-pre5.iso</em></p> -->
 	<p>Stable ppc iso: <em>lfslivecd-ppc-6.1-1.iso</em></p>
-	<!-- <p>Latest ppc iso (Pre-release): <em>lfslivecd-ppc-6.1-1-pre1.iso</em></p> -->
+	<p>Latest ppc iso (Pre-release): <em>lfslivecd-ppc-6.2-pre1.iso</em></p>
      <h2>FTP Mirrors</h2>
 	<p>Corvallis, OR, USA: <a href="ftp://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/lfs-livecd/">ftp://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/lfs-livecd/</a></p>
 	<p>Montreal, Canada: <a href="ftp://ftp.ca.lfs-matrix.net/pub/lfs-livecd/">ftp://ftp.ca.lfs-matrix.net/pub/lfs-livecd/</a></p>

Modified: html/trunk/livecd/news.html
--- html/trunk/livecd/news.html	2006-08-03 15:23:48 UTC (rev 784)
+++ html/trunk/livecd/news.html	2006-08-05 04:32:06 UTC (rev 785)
@@ -5,11 +5,33 @@
       <h1>LiveCD News</h1>
          <p>| <a href="/livecd/feed.rss">RSS Feed</a> |</p>
          <dl class="newsItem">
+           <dt>LiveCD Version x86-6.2-1 Released</dt>
+           <dd><em>Alexander E. Patrakov - 2006/08/04</em>
+             <p>The LFS LiveCD Team is proud to announce the release of the x86-6.2-1
+                version of the LFS LiveCD. This version is built using LFS 6.2 and many
+                BLFS packages from the SVN branch. Source packages for LFS 6.2, and the
+                LFS book itself, are included on the LiveCD. Other features:</p>
+             <p>* The CD supports hibernation, AKA software suspend, or suspend-to-disk.
+                  This allows to save the system state to a swap partition and turn the
+                  computer off. The saved state can be completely restored later.</p>
+             <p>* The CD filesystem can be written to. The changes actually go to RAM
+                  and don't survive a reboot (but do survive hibernation).</p>
+             <p>* The CD contains a visually pleasing and easy to use window manager,
+                  Xfce.</p>
+             <p>* jhalfs-1.0, a system for autobuilding LFS according to the book, is
+                  included.</p>
+             <p>Please mail any comments to the LFS LiveCD mailing list.</p>
+             <p>To download the new LiveCD, visit the LFS LiveCD
+                <a href="/livecd/download.html">download page</a>
+                for a list of mirrors.</p>
+           </dd>
+         </dl>
+         <dl class="newsItem">
            <dt>LiveCD Version x86-6.2-pre5 Released</dt>
            <dd><em>Alexander E. Patrakov - 2006/07/17</em>
 	       <p>The LFS LiveCD team is pleased to announce the latest pre-release of the
                   x86-6.2 LiveCD, x86-6.2-pre5. This LiveCD contains the following changes:
-	       </p>
+	       </p>i
                <p>1) The method of making sure that the CD works on i486 processors has been
                      changed. The uname hack has been dropped and replaced with the config.site file.

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