[MailServer Notification] To External Recipient: a virus was foun d and action taken.

System Attendant EU-NACA-EX00-SA at nctams.naples.navy.mil
Tue Apr 11 23:45:51 PDT 2006

ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange took action on the message.  The message
details were: 
Sender = website-request at linuxfromscratch.org
Recipient(s) = website at linuxfromscratch.org;
Subject = website Digest, Vol 732, Issue 1
Scanning time = 04/12/2006 08:45:50
Engine/Pattern = 8.000-1001/3.335.00

Action taken on message:
The message body contained WORM_Mydoom.DAM virus. ScanMail deleted the
message body.

Warning to external recipient: ScanMail has detected a virus.
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