Stuart Harris [Intermedia] stuart at
Fri Sep 16 04:02:52 PDT 2005

I'll put it on one of my boxes if you like...

If someone can update dns to I'll put it live as soon as I
get the code?

Stuart Harris
CTO, One1Stream Communications
sharris at
CTO, Intermedia Network Services (Singapore) PTE, Ltd.
stuart at

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> Hi,
> I have been running this website with main reason to compliment IRC.
> I have not been remotely active within LFS for quite some time, hence i
> feel someone else should pick up to host this.
> Traffic is extremely light, just a few posts a day and a few reads from
> IRCers, works fine from dsl host it is now. Current code runs on
> php/mysql
> Did not get a response that appeared truly serious in IRC.
> Please CC on reply, please send me whom to send Mysqldump + code to.
> Thanks,
> Ronald Hummelink

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