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Author: justin
Date: 2005-10-31 00:09:20 -0700 (Mon, 31 Oct 2005)
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Added download.html page and removed other references to the branch.

Added: html/trunk/clfs/download.html
--- html/trunk/clfs/download.html	2005-10-31 06:58:59 UTC (rev 620)
+++ html/trunk/clfs/download.html	2005-10-31 07:09:20 UTC (rev 621)
@@ -0,0 +1,92 @@
+<!--#set var="pageTitle" value="Download CLFS" -->
+<!--#include virtual="header.html" -->
+<!--#include virtual="menu.html" -->
+    <div class="main">
+     <h1>Download the Cross Linux From Scratch Book</h1>
+     <p>Several versions of the CLFS book are available for download, in several formats:</p>
+     <!-- 
+     <h2>Current Stable</h2>
+     <p>This is the latest released LFS book, well tested and mature enough for everyday use.</p>
+     <p>You may download the stable book in various formats from the 
+        <a href="/lfs/downloads/stable/">stable book</a> directory.</p>
+     -->
+     <h2>Current Development</h2>	   
+     <p>This is the CLFS Book in its current development state.</p>
+     <p>Daily rendered <a href="downloads/development/">snapshots</a> may be downloaded. Or check
+	out the book's XML source from our Subversion repository and render it yourself:</p>
+     <div class="cmd">
+      <p>svn co svn://svn.linuxfromscratch.org/LFS/branches/cross-lfs/</p>
+     </div>
+     <h2>LFS Project Museum</h2>
+     <p>Old and crusty. But still useful as an educational experience, or to see
+        how the LFS Projects have grown over the years.
+        <a href="http://archive.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs-museum/">http://archive.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs-museum/</a>
+     </p>
+     <h2 id="packages">Packages for CLFS</h2>
+     <p>CLFS has a list of packages which you should download. Please use the versions which are
+	<a href="/faq/#why-not-version">listed in the book</a>; these
+	are tested versions which are known to work with each other. In addition to the packages you
+	will need to download some <a href="/patches/clfs/">patches</a>. There are several ways to
+        download the packages.</p>
+	<h3>Hunt and Peck/Freshmeat.net</h3>
+        <p>When a package is not available from the location listed in the book, some other places
+           to try are:</p>
+        <ul>
+           <li>A search for the full package name in <a href="http://www.google.com/">google</a> or your 
+           favorite search engine</li>
+           <li><a href="http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages">Debian Package Search Page</a></li>
+           <li><a href="http://www.filemirrors.com/">filemirrors.com</a></li>
+           <li><a href="http://freshmeat.net/">freshmeat.net</a></li>
+           <li>Sources from your linux distro</li>
+        </ul>
+        <!--
+	<h3>Wget Scripts</h3>
+        <p>Another method is a <a href="http://www.gnu.org/software/wget/wget.html">wget</a> script.
+           We provide <a href="../lfs/wget/">multiple wget scripts</a>,
+           one for each release.  Send your updated version to the 
+           <a href="http://linuxfromscratch.org/mailman/listinfo/website/">website mailing list</a>.
+           To use a wget script, enter:
+        </p>
+        <div class="cmd">
+           <p>wget -i lfs-stable.wget</p>
+        </div>
+        -->
+	<h3 id="ftp">CLFS HTTP/FTP Sites</h3>
+        <p>If the above methods are not available to you, the packages are also 
+           available in a tarball and individually on the following ftp and http mirrors.
+        </p>
+        <ul>
+           <li><a href="ftp://ftp.planetmirror.com/pub/lfs/">ftp://ftp.planetmirror.com/pub/lfs/</a>
+               (Brisbane, Australia, 1Gbps)</li>
+           <li><a href="ftp://ftp.lfs-matrix.net/pub/lfs/">ftp://ftp.lfs-matrix.net/pub/lfs/</a>
+               (Montreal, Canada, 100Mbps)</li>
+           <li><a href="http://ftp.lfs-matrix.net/pub/lfs/">http://ftp.lfs-matrix.net/pub/lfs/</a>
+               (Montreal, Canada, 100Mbps)</li>
+           <li><a href="ftp://gaosu.rave.org/pub/lfs/">ftp://gaosu.rave.org/pub/lfs/</a>
+               (VUB, Brussels, Belgium, 100Mbps)</li>
+           <li><a href="ftp://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/lfs/">ftp://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/lfs/</a>
+               (Corvallis, OR, USA, 100Mbps)</li>
+           <li><a href="http://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/lfs/">http://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/lfs/</a>
+               (Corvallis, OR, USA, 100Mbps)</li>
+           <li><a href="ftp://ftp.lauf-forum.at/pub/lfs/">ftp://ftp.lauf-forum.at/pub/lfs/</a>
+               (Nürnberg, Germany, 100Mbps)</li>
+           <li><a href="ftp://ftp.aliensoft.org/pub/lfs/">ftp://ftp.aliensoft.org/pub/lfs/</a>
+               (Munich, Germany, 100Mbps)</li>
+           <li><a href="ftp://mirror.averse.net/pub/lfs/">ftp://mirror.averse.net/pub/lfs/</a>
+               (Singapore, 100Mbps)</li>
+           <li><a href="ftp://mirrors.angelinacounty.net/pub/lfs/">ftp://mirrors.angelinacounty.net/pub/lfs/</a>
+               (Houston, TX, USA, 100Mbps)</li>
+           <li><a href="http://mirrors.angelinacounty.net/pub/lfs/">http://mirrors.angelinacounty.net/pub/lfs/</a>
+               (Houston, TX, USA, 100Mbps)</li>
+           <li><a href="ftp://ftp.tpegg.org/pub/lfs/">ftp://ftp.tpegg.org/pub/lfs/</a>
+               (Phoenix, AZ, USA, 100Mbps)</li>
+           <li><a href="http://ftp.tpegg.org/pub/lfs/">http://ftp.tpegg.org/pub/lfs/</a>
+               (Phoenix, AZ, USA, 100Mbps)</li>
+           <li><a href="ftp://mirror.cict.fr/lfs/">ftp://mirror.cict.fr/lfs/</a>
+               (Toulouse, France, 100Mbps)</li>
+        </ul>
+<!--#include virtual="/common/footer.html" -->

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Modified: html/trunk/lfs/faq.html
--- html/trunk/lfs/faq.html	2005-10-31 06:58:59 UTC (rev 620)
+++ html/trunk/lfs/faq.html	2005-10-31 07:09:20 UTC (rev 621)
@@ -202,7 +202,7 @@
 	<dt id="cross-compile">How do I cross compile LFS?</dt>
 	  <p>It's often useful to compile LFS for one machine on another machine. Say using that fast 1Ghz Athlon to build an install for an old 486. While this is technically not cross compiling, binaries compiled for the Athlon cannot be run on the 486 because binaries compiled for the newer processor use features the older processor doesn't have.</p>
-          <p>The LFS book specifically for cross compiling is the <a href="/lfs/read.html">Cross-LFS</a> book. Another source of information would be the <a href="/hints/downloads/files/">cross-compiling hint</a>.</p>
+          <p>The LFS book specifically for cross compiling is the <a href="/clfs/read.html">Cross-LFS</a> book. Another source of information would be the <a href="/hints/downloads/files/">cross-compiling hint</a>.</p>
 	<dt id="dos-text">What's a DOS format text file?</dt>

Modified: html/trunk/lfs/read.html
--- html/trunk/lfs/read.html	2005-10-31 06:58:59 UTC (rev 620)
+++ html/trunk/lfs/read.html	2005-10-31 07:09:20 UTC (rev 621)
@@ -29,14 +29,6 @@
      <p><a href="errata/development/">Development LFS Errata</a></p>
      <p><a href="view/development/">Development LFS</a></p>
-     <h2>Cross-LFS branch</h2>
-     <p>This is an experimental branch of the LFS book, using cross-compilation
-        techniques.  Versions of the book are available for a number of
-        different computer architectures.  No longer is LFS x86 only!  This
-        branch is being maintained by Jim Gifford, Ryan Oliver, Jeremy Huntwork
-        and Manuel Canales Esparcia.</p>
-     <p><a href="view/cross-lfs">Cross-LFS</a></p>
      <h2>Get the LFS 6.0 Hard Copy</h2>
      <p>You can find information about the printed version of the LFS 6.0 book on the <a href="/lfs/contribute.html#lfsbook">contribute page</a>.</p>

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