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Date: 2005-10-02 19:04:47 -0600 (Sun, 02 Oct 2005)
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LFS-6.1-1 news item

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       <h1>ALFS News</h1>
          <p>| <a href="/alfs/feed.rss">RSS Feed</a> |</p>
 	 <dl class="newsItem">
+	  <dt>LFS-6.1-1 Profile Released</dt>
+	  <dd><em>Thomas Pegg - 2005/10/01</em>
+	    <p>This is an update to the previous release of the LFS-6.1 Profile and fixes two bugs, one important and one minor.</p>
+	    <p>Bugs fixed: <br />
+	      Due to a recent hiccup on the LFS FTP Mirror master server, some tarballs had to be regenerated therefore changing the md5sums. So those md5's have now been updated in the profile to accomdate this. <br/>
+	      Also fixed is that the path to nALFS is no longer hardcoded into the runit.sh script.</p>
+	    <p>This updated profile can be downloaded from the <a href="/alfs/downloads/profiles/lfs/stable/profile-LFS-6.1-1.tar.bz2">usual location</a>.</p>
+	  </dd>
+	 </dl>
+	 <dl class="newsItem">
 	  <dt>LFS 6.1 Profile Released</dt>
 	  <dd><em>Thomas Pegg - 2005/07/09</em>
 	    <p>With the release of LFS-6.1, the ALFS team is proud to announce the release of the accompanying ALFS profile. 
 	    Also in this release features better compatibility for those users who wish to use the lfs-packages tarball.</p>
 	    <p>This profile can be downloaded from the 
-	    <a href="/alfs/downloads/profiles/stable/profile-LFS-6.1.tar.bz2">usual location</a>.</p>
+	    <a href="/alfs/downloads/profiles/lfs/stable/profile-LFS-6.1.tar.bz2">usual location</a>.</p>
 	    <p>All comments, questions and discussion of this profile should be directed to the 
             <a href="http://linuxfromscratch.org/mailman/listinfo/alfs-discuss/">alfs-discuss mailing list</a>.</p>

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