Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Mon Nov 28 10:00:30 PST 2005

Hari wrote:
> Hello. I am part of the lfs-support mail list. The only spam thats
> trickling into my inbox is through lfs-support at I
> guess the bots are picking it up from the LFS webpages.
> Is it possible to circumvent this by some simple modification(s) like
> lfs-support*AT* or something?

It's not the website's fault:

jeremy ~ $ grep lfs-support at www2/* -R
jeremy ~ $

www2 is my working copy of the current website as stored in the repository.

However, as you typed it in full in your original email (also I have 
used it in my example...) that string will now appear online and 
searchable by bots on the mailman archives:


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