Get Patches before i lose my internet, Hurry

ymsgr protocol ymsgr_protocol at
Thu Nov 3 03:05:42 PST 2005

Hello I was Printing the LFS 6.1 Book
And i changed the Margins and i messed up the print
sort of. About 40  percent of the pages i had to
wright in the last line my self.
And one of the lines i had to wright was, "patches
will be needed to build an LFS system"
And im about to lose my internet in a day or two.
And im a slow reader so it will take me to long to
find out all the patches through out the book i need.

Besides the LFS 6.1 Live cd what all else to i need to
be able to build an LFS system. Can Some one E-Mail me
at ymsgr_protocol at all the download links for
the patches and any thing else i may need before it is
to late for me to get it.E-Mail 
ymsgr_protocol at todays date is Nov 3 2005,
after Nov 5 i know it will be to late for me to get
it, Hurry if u can Please!

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