r628 - html/trunk/clfs

jim at linuxfromscratch.org jim at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Nov 1 09:40:07 PST 2005

Author: jim
Date: 2005-11-01 10:40:03 -0700 (Tue, 01 Nov 2005)
New Revision: 628

CLFS: Updated editors to a table - try 2

Modified: html/trunk/clfs/index.html
--- html/trunk/clfs/index.html	2005-11-01 17:37:45 UTC (rev 627)
+++ html/trunk/clfs/index.html	2005-11-01 17:40:03 UTC (rev 628)
@@ -53,22 +53,22 @@
-	   <td>Project Co-Leader: Ryan Oliver</td> <td rowspan=2>Arch: x86, x86_64, sparc, mips, powerpc</td>
+	   <td>Project Co-Leader: Ryan Oliver</td> <td>Arch: x86, x86_64, sparc, mips, powerpc</td>
-	   <td>Project Co-Leader: Jim Gifford</td> <td rowspan=2>Arch: x86, sparc, mips</td>
+	   <td>Project Co-Leader: Jim Gifford</td> <td>Arch: x86, sparc, mips</td>
-	   <td>Editor: Jeremy Huntwork</td> <td rowspan=2>Arch: x86, sparc, powerpc</td>
+	   <td>Editor: Jeremy Huntwork</td> <td>Arch: x86, sparc, powerpc</td>
-	   <td>Editor: Ken Moffat</td> <td rowspan=2>Arch: x86, x86_64, powerpc</td>
+	   <td>Editor: Ken Moffat</td> <td>Arch: x86, x86_64, powerpc</td>
-	   <td>Editor: Matt Darcy</td> <td rowspan=2>Arch: x86, x86_64, sparc</td>
+	   <td>Editor: Matt Darcy</td> <td>Arch: x86, x86_64, sparc</td>
-	   <td>Editor: Joe Ciccone</td> <td rowspan=2>Arch: x86, mips, alpha</td>
+	   <td>Editor: Joe Ciccone</td> <td>Arch: x86, mips, alpha</td>

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