dead link in the HLFS SVN-20050314 - section 4.2

Lukasz Hejnak szift at
Wed Mar 16 01:10:50 PST 2005

I've just started reading trough the HLFS book and found
a small bug. The link reffering to BLFS-Bootscripts is broken.
Checked to see if the SVN version has a correct link, and that
one is broken also. So I though to write You about this.
Guess it's hard to keep track of such things changing, so I thought
this will help.
The BLFS online has a link to the Bootscripts version 20050313 and both
the HLFS versions link to 20050302.
BLFS-Bootscripts (20050302) - ?? KB:
and then in the BLFS Boot Scripts section

with regards
Lukasz Hejnak
szift at

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