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Justin R. Knierim wrote:
> What are the news items used for besides for the website and rss?  Is
> all the work to convert the news items to html really necessary?  Can
> they just be entered in html (or some other simple form) from the start
> and then slightly modified and added to the news page?

Well, if you look how to embed HTML into a RSS entry, you will
understand why we don't want to edit RSS files manually:

&lt:p>This is a paragraph <a> href="link.html">this is a

But that's why we have lfs2rss.pl for the current site: it gets the
news.html page as input, parses it looking for news items and outputs a
RSS (escaping the bad chars automatically). Unfortunately, HTML has not
enough context to distinguish news items from header/footer/menu, so
that's why this tool often breaks. Additionally, lfs2rss.pl currently
requires a quite strict syntax (including not having line wrapping on
{p} tags).

> Thanks for any answers and/or hitting me with a clue bat for missing the
> obvious.  :)

You raised an important question. manage_news2.pl was written to replace
the current manage_news.pl with something similar which works for www2.
But there may be the case where www2 structure is so simplified
(specially regarding the use of SSI to avoid data duplication) if
compared with the current site that there is no need for a news
management tool anymore ;-).

Jeremy, can we verify if that's the case? i.e. we can have a news.html
per project with this content:

{!--#set var="pageTitle" value="Linux From Scratch News" --}
{!--#include virtual="header.html" --}
{!--#include virtual="menu.html" --}
   {div class="main"}
      {h1}General LFS News{/h1}
          {h3 id="newsid"}News Title{/h3}
               {h4}News Author - 2005/06/29{/h4}
                {p}News Content.{/p}
      {h2}Latest SVN Changes{/h2}
      {!--#include virtual="logs/www2.html" --}
{!--#include virtual="common/footer.html" --}

So, for adding/removing/editing a news item someone just needs to edit
the HTML file?

Personally, I have no problem with editing HTML directly or using a tool
like manage_news2.pl. I just want to simplify things so not just the
Website Team is capable of posting news. :)

PS: Anyway, manage_news2.pl would still be useful in this case if
someone don't want to edit the HTML directly: just write the news item
in plain text and filter it through manage_news2.pl to have the HTML
snippet to insert on news.html.
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