r328 - scripts/trunk

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Jun 25 19:42:11 PDT 2005

Anderson Lizardo wrote:
> I know you have reverted the change already, but just to clarify why we
> don't use svn2html2.pl on all projects: this version was made by Kevin
> specifically to match a svn repository organization specific for ALFS.
> Besides that, I find this script slower and more resource hungry than
> svn2html.pl (run it on the command line to notice this).

Thanks for that note Anderson. I didn't take a close look at the script, 
but just decided I'd give it a run on the other repo. I figured it was 
likely specific for ALFS... Anyway, I was curious if something could 
similar could be done for the other svnlogs. It would be nice if the 
logs reflected which branch or book the edit was made in. Of course, 
this is something that could wait till later.


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