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Anderson Lizardo lizardo at
Wed Jun 15 21:20:07 PDT 2005

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Anderson Lizardo wrote:
>> - port (version 1 and 2) to www2 (already done, just need to
>> create each project's news.html page and SSI #include the logs/*.html
>> files)
> Should have read closer here...
>> - implement a new news management system (as I said sometime ago, I have
>> some ideas about an e-mail based news management system, I'll draft the
>> details and post it RSN; for now, we can continue to use the RSS, but we
>> still need to find a tool to convert it to HTML and show it on each
>> project's news.html)
> Ok, so this is next then?

Yep, It's late here so I'll let it for tomorrow :). Sorry for not
putting my ideas here yet, will do tomorrow! (if you have some idea in
mind, don't hesitate to post too!)

Maybe there are some other items missing though; were all those items
listed on html/trunk/TODO done already?

Another important TODO we can implement now for www2:

- Have each subproject's update-* target added as post-commit commands,
so we will have instantly updated subproject data such as SVN
Changelogs, patches and hints. Currently, it's done by entries on

The commands are already there, but commented out. We just need to
inform each subproject of the change (as there should be a delay of some
seconds added on commits, as happened to www2) and listen for any

We can start with the liveCD project, as you maintain it. What do you think?

As an example, for www2 we currently have the following on

/home/lizardo/scripts/ "$REPOS" "$REV" update-www

Anderson Lizardo
lizardo at
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