Broken links and redudant redirects on www2

Anderson Lizardo lizardo at
Wed Jun 15 17:32:47 PDT 2005

Matthew Burgess wrote:
> Anderson, do you have any experience with W3C's HTML validator?  I
> installed it on our dev server at work (being Solaris it was much more
> painful than it needed to be!), but have only ever used it via Firefox's
> Web Developer plugin.  I believe it can be invoked via the command-line.
>  Would you mind taking a look at it?

Hi Matthew,

While testing/installing checklink, I did a quick look on the HTML
validator, but noticed it required some more bits to install, so I've
decided to use LogValidator instead
( It's some kind of front-end
to the W3C validation tools, but it only validates the top most accessed
sites instead, so you can even use it with the tools installed at without much bandwidth usage.

This way if, for example, you run this tool once per week and fixes the
reported problems, you'll have your entire site (or most of it)
validated in small chunks, starting by the most accessed pages.

It's very easy to install (for instance, you can install it through
CPAN), and you can get a working example from my belgarath HOME:

cd /home/lizardo

./scripts/ -f .logprocess.conf

(it will print a nice summary with the top most accessed [and
problematic] pages on

Hope that helps :)
Anderson Lizardo
lizardo at
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