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Mon Jun 13 18:57:47 PDT 2005

Author: jhuntwork
Date: 2005-06-13 19:57:46 -0600 (Mon, 13 Jun 2005)
New Revision: 257

Some textual changes to ALFS

Modified: html/trunk/alfs/download.html
--- html/trunk/alfs/download.html	2005-06-14 01:57:03 UTC (rev 256)
+++ html/trunk/alfs/download.html	2005-06-14 01:57:46 UTC (rev 257)
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
     <div class="main">
      <h1>Download ALFS</h1>
      <h2>Download Modules and Profiles</h2>
-     <p>Here you will find Several versions of ALFS available for download:</p>
+     <p>Here you will find Several versions of nALFS available for download:</p>
 	   <li><a href="downloads/stable/">Current Stable</a></li>
 	   <li><a href="downloads/test/">Test Version</a></li>

Modified: html/trunk/alfs/index.html
--- html/trunk/alfs/index.html	2005-06-14 01:57:03 UTC (rev 256)
+++ html/trunk/alfs/index.html	2005-06-14 01:57:46 UTC (rev 257)
@@ -21,9 +21,31 @@
 	insight into the compilation and management of his LFS build.
+     <h2>How is ALFS implemented?</h2>
+     <p>Currently, the official implementation is nALFS by Neven Has. nALFS is a small
+	program written in C. It first parses an XML profile that contains information
+	concerning the LFS build process into a series of internal commands. It can
+	then execute these at your discretion, thus automating the compilation of LFS.
+     </p>
+     <p>There are many in-depth features that have been requested for future
+	ALFS implementations. Because of this, development has been slated for an entirely
+	new build tool which will be called alfs. To see a list of features that will
+	appear in alfs, please read our
+	<a href="http://linuxfromscratch.org/~matthew/alfs-srs/alfs-srs.html">Software Requirements Specification</a>.
+	If you wish to help develop this new tool, please subscribe to the
+	<a href="http://linuxfromscratch.org/mailman/listinfo/alfs-discuss">alfs-discuss mailing list</a>
+	and leave a note there explaining your desire to help.
+     </p>
      <h2>Who's who:</h2>
         <li>Project Leader: Jeremy Huntwork</li>
+        <li>Developer/Maintainer: Jamie Bennett</li>
+	<li>Developer (XML): Matthew Burgess</li>
+        <li>Profile Editor: Thomas Pegg </li>
+        <li>Profile Editor: Joachim Beckers</li>
+        <li>Profile Editor: Kevin Fleming</li>
 <!--#include virtual="/common/footer.html" -->

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