Advertising for volunteers, beta site

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sun Jun 12 19:22:53 PDT 2005

Just had an idea for the beta site, and would like some feedback on how 
(or indeed whether we should) implement it.

I think I had previously envisioned the Contribute page or section to 
contain some information on how to contribute technically to LFS, as in, 
how to get more involved in the project. As it is, I think for every 
aspect of LFS right now we are under-manned. We could good help.

So, is it a good idea to make this known on the site? And if so, 
how/where do we go about doing that? Do we make it a site-wide section 
and list info on how to get more involved or do we isolate it to project 
and have each sub-project list where they have openings or could use 
help?  All in all, LFS needs a good kick in the pants right now, IMHO, 
and perhaps we need to make this more widely known.



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