Website Todos

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sun Jun 12 18:55:26 PDT 2005

Anderson Lizardo wrote:
> Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> These are the TODOS that I could remember right now (not ordered):
> - port Hint's to www2 (working on it).
> - port (version 1 and 2) to www2 (already done, just need to
> create each project's news.html page and SSI #include the logs/*.html files)
> - fix some broken links found by checklink (will post about it soon).
> - fill up some possibly missing pages (Justin is working on this).
> - implement a new news management system (as I said sometime ago, I have
> some ideas about an e-mail based news management system, I'll draft the
> details and post it RSN; for now, we can continue to use the RSS, but we
> still need to find a tool to convert it to HTML and show it on each
> project's news.html)

Ok. Looking forward to hearing more of your ideas. I'll take on whatever 
isn't being handled by someone else.

Also, add to the above that we have to work on getting templates ready 
for viewcvs and bugzilla to make use of the new css. Whenever (and if!) 
we switch over to the new site, we were hoping to make those apps look 
the consistent with the rest of the site. Oh, and we need change the 
search engine on the beta pages to point to and use our swish-e catalogs 
as per Gerard's request.


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