r222 - html/trunk/hints

Justin R. Knierim justin at knierim.org
Sun Jun 12 16:39:01 PDT 2005

Anderson Lizardo wrote:

>Currently, only svn changelogs, news items and the hints list are
>generated dinamically.
Ok, good to know.  :)

>Actually, I made a perl one-liner that does the job:
>echo "my_mail at example.org" | perl -pe 's/[^\n]/"\&#".ord($&)."\;"/ge'
Cool.  I don't understand one bit of it.  Guess I need to learn some 
more perl.  Heh.

>But I'm still investigating how to obfuscate only the e-mail addresses
>and not the whole "AUTHOR" field.
Good luck.  Thanks for the info.

Justin R. Knierim
justin at knierim dot org

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