r514 - html/trunk/lfs/errata/6.1

matthew at linuxfromscratch.org matthew at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Jul 27 14:08:44 PDT 2005

Author: matthew
Date: 2005-07-27 15:08:44 -0600 (Wed, 27 Jul 2005)
New Revision: 514

Added errate regarding the missing groups binart and flex++ symlink

Modified: html/trunk/lfs/errata/6.1/index.html
--- html/trunk/lfs/errata/6.1/index.html	2005-07-27 21:01:54 UTC (rev 513)
+++ html/trunk/lfs/errata/6.1/index.html	2005-07-27 21:08:44 UTC (rev 514)
@@ -11,5 +11,11 @@
         <li>A security vulnerability exists in zlib-1.2.2 whereby disrupted
             streams can cause a buffer overflow.  Zlib-1.2.3 fixes this issue.
             Users are strongly recommended to upgrade to Zlib-1.2.3.</li>
+        <li>The command 'groups' is listed under Shadow's list of installed
+            files, but it is installed by Coreutils.  Thanks to Randy McMurchy
+            for the report.</li>
+        <li>The symlink 'flex++' is listed under Flex's list of installed files,
+            but it isn't actually installed in the more recent versions of Flex
+            that LFS now uses.  Thanks to Randy McMurchy for the report.</li>
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