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Sat Jul 16 11:58:02 PDT 2005

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Matthew Burgess wrote:
> Anderson Lizardo wrote:
>> The index.cgi is the swish-e engine's "front-end" that is installed only
>> on belgarath and should not be mirrored.
> Can we put it in the rsync excludes file then, so that mirrors don't
> pull it?

This would require _all_ mirrors to update the current rsync command
they use on their scripts. The rsync-excludes file you see on the repos
is part of the post-commit system and is by no means related to the
rsync command used for mirroring. I just happenened to use rsync for
easy & quick local copying.

> Presumably then we'd have to hardcode the full path to
> everywhere that links to search.html?

No, the links will point to The belgarath's Apache
installation has different VHOSTS, some of them being:

- - (contains the mirrorable website files)
- - (contains the website engine, _including_
the index files. See /home/httpd/
- - (contains misc. scripts like the LFS counter CGI
and the mailing list archives).

So try to see them as different sites for different things.

> There's no real
> reason for me bringing this up, rather than the aesthetics of a reader
> would be viewing content on, then be directed to
> whose results will likely take them back to

The results will not take it back to, but rather to, which are different things... On a future RR-DNS setup, will _always_ refer to the belgarath machine, while will be managed by RR-DNS.

Simply speaking: the mail archives are only on belgarath, so is
index.cgi and the swish-e engine.

Changing all /search.html links to
will be no different from what we have for the LFS counter (which is
located at

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