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Fri Jul 15 16:44:40 PDT 2005

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Matthew Burgess wrote:
> Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
>> *Whew*
>> Well that was a lot of tweaking :). Sorry for all the commits. I think
>> the
>> search page is somewhat more readable. I'd welcome any feedback
>> concerning
>> it, though. I was just sort of playing as I went...
> Is that URL the final location of the search stuff?  I'd prefer
> *everything* to be under if at all
> possible (with the exception of bugzilla which should remain at

The index.cgi is the swish-e engine's "front-end" that is installed only
on belgarath and should not be mirrored.

The current solution of duplicating information on /search.html is not
ideal IMHO. So what we are suggesting here is to simply change all links to and remove the search.html

> Also, the alfs-discuss list is checked by default.  This smacks of
> favouritism :)  But also it means the "(default to all lists)" is not
> accurate.

Actually, it's a bug. I've made a patch for it sometime ago
see also other swish-e related patches under this directory), but
whoever updated swish-e to 2.4.3 forgot to apply these patches :/. I'll
send the necessary change (it's a one-liner fix) to server-admin ASAP.

Thanks for the comments :)
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