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Andy Bennett andyjpb at
Wed Jul 13 10:49:38 PDT 2005


Just had a look at the new website. I hadn't really realised that it was 
so far along until I went to www earlier. I've been tracking, 
but it's been fairly dead recently so I've been a bit out of the loop.

Anyway, here my comments:
What has happened to the mirror selection? It doesn't appear to be 
happening automatically and I don't get ask which one I want anymore.
On the front page of each project there is an "about this project" 
blurb. IMHO, we should have news items first rather than as a seperate link.

I like the ressurection of the old logos and banners...
The layout is fresh and clean, much like the "2 generations ago" 
(original?)  LFS site.

What's happened to the access keys that were present on the old site? I 
remember that there was a lot of time and effort put into making the 
last site exteremly accessible.

All in all, I like the new site. It seems to have a lot less crammed in, 
which can only be a good thing as I can't seem to find anything missing.

Good work!


andyjpb at

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