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Justin R. Knierim justin at
Sun Jul 10 18:02:57 PDT 2005

Anderson Lizardo wrote:

>I can take care of generating the RSS feeds automatically. I was just
>waiting for real news items there ;)
Cool, sounds good.

>7. Create a separated section for the book translations.
>IMHO they are too hidden on the "read online" section, and some books
>(like the pt_BR one) don't have online versions, just tarballs.
Hmm.  On a standard 1024x786 screen, one can still see the 
"Translations" title at the bottom screen.  True, there are 8 languages, 
but only a couple links per language.  If the lfs community agrees, I 
have no problem to move to another page.

Another question:  Do we want to keep the 3 translations for 4.0 
(October 2002) and 4.1 (April 2003) versions?  I am not sure how useful 
a 2 and 3 year old version is, even if it is in a persons native language.

Justin R. Knierim

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