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Justin R. Knierim wrote:
> 5.  Links to LFS and BLFS bugzilla.  Should this go on the menu
> somewhere or maybe support?  Not really support though.

I think they should go in the "Contribute" page (well, at least most
projects I visit consider bug reporting a contribution). They should be
on the errata pages too, something like this:

"If you have found a bug or typo that is not listed here, first check
the FAQ to make sure it's not a false positive, then check the [recently
reported bugs link here] to avoid duplicating reports, finally make your
report on the [{B,H,}LFS bugzilla page link here]."

> For sure we need to get the RSS back up, if it isn't already, and put
> some links to it:
> 6.  RSS Feed links.  Should go down by the news.  Also need to sort out
> the RSS files.

I can take care of generating the RSS feeds automatically. I was just
waiting for real news items there ;)

> That's all I can see and think of for now.  If anyone else notices
> something missing please let us know.

7. Create a separated section for the book translations.

IMHO they are too hidden on the "read online" section, and some books
(like the pt_BR one) don't have online versions, just tarballs.

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